Three Things I’m Fixating On

1. A Reminder of What’s Been Lost

WWII Animation screenshot

I’m the daughter of a college history professor,  so whenever I have questions about a war, political turning point, or historical figure, I never get the short answer. Instead, I get the long-winded explanation, backstory and future implications included. As a teenager, I hated it; as an adult, I ask my dad more questions. 

Last night, I viewed this animation of WWII deaths. The numbers are staggering. Born three generations after the war, it’s difficult for me to truly grasp how the events of those painful six years affected the world. This data animation makes it more clear than any book ever has. The numbers are staggering.

2. A Pending Apartment Move

moving box

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, Ryan and I are moving out of our beloved apartment. Fortunately, it’s turned out to be a good thing for us. We managed to find a great place right across the street. It’s bigger, brighter, 11 floors higher, and offers storage space AND a dog park.

I have a love-hate relationship with moving – I love how it’s like a cleansing palette for the crap in my apartment, but I hate how much energy it requires. The next six weeks should be lots of fun. Wish me luck!

3. A Reason to Step Back From the Screen


How many tv shows do you think are running right now?

I couldn’t even guess. Apparently, most professionals can’t either. FX chief John Landgraf admitted he has no idea how many shows are currently running. There’s too many, and with companies like Netflix and Hulu constantly adding original programming, the number becomes fluid fast.

That’s overwhelming. I found myself telling Ryan the other day that keeping track of all of “my” shows was becoming a chore. I had to make a list of them in my phone. Remember the days of having three or four favorite tv shows? Yeah, me too. I’m working on getting back to that and on cutting back sub-par tv shows. If I’m going to read 52 books this year, I’m going to have to do so anyway.

  • Brian
    January 21, 2016

    Leave it to you to find super interesting things to consume my time on. I watched that whole WWII/War death video and it was outstanding. To grasp the sheer numbers in a visual as they did was well done. Thanks for posting it.

    Good luck on your move! A dog park! Thats huge for sure

    Totally agree…there are so many things going on tv…I do miss just having 1 or 2 we really focus on and I think it goes in cycles for us. I think when those particular shows are running, we just watch those with our limited tv time. It’s the in-between periods off season that we try to find other things to watch and it’s usually 50/50 if we keep with them.

    • Allison
      January 25, 2016

      Hey Brian,

      I’m glad you love the WWII animation!

      Less tv is difficult, but I’m reading so much more. But winter premieres are about to start, so we’ll see if I can actually back off how much tv I watch, haha.


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