5 Things I’m Pumped About

As my friends living hundreds of miles away from me continue to remind me, I’m supposed to be blogging more to keep them updated on my life, not less.

So, to jump back into blogging, here’s a quick list of five things going on in my life:

1.  Ireland Adventure

My husband and I are celebrating our third wedding anniversary in September with a week-long trip to Ireland. I convinced Ryan to rent a car, and we’re going to drive through the southern half of the country for six days. If you have any suggestions for must-sees in Dublin, Cork or Limerick, please let me know! I insist we stay in a real castle at least one night, and choosing the perfect one has proven difficult.

2. New Fitness Goals

I am in a fitness rut. My usual routine is boring, unstimulating and beyond easy. I miss training for something, and it’s time to shake things up. Starting today, I’m trying out some new workouts every week. Here’s what I pushed myself through this morning:

daily workout

Fitness friends, send me your recommendations for new workouts, pretty please.

Extra: This article, “Why Exercise is a Higher Priority Than My Career,” is a great read. I highly recommend it.

3. Getting to know Jamie Fraser

I picked Outlander from a list of “Must-read Books for the Summer!” lists, hoping it would remind me of the Everworld series (my preteen obsession) or at the very least, entertain me.

Well, it hasn’t. The book lacks continuity, character development and long enough breaks between panic scenes to have a narrative. I’m persevering, though, because several of my friends swear the Starz tv series based on the book is amazing. I want to watch the show, but I’m stubborn about reading books before seeing on-screen adaptations.

On that note, The Martian is on deck.

4. Exploring Remote Work Locations

I really enjoy my remote work lifestyle. I get to wake up later, work with my dog at my feet and go for lunchtime walks on the beach.

That being said, I push myself to get out of my apartment once a week to avoid cabin fever, and finding new places to work serves as another project and adventure. I’ve perused a handful of coffee shops in my neighborhood, but I’m exploring other options.

I discovered I can’t work in libraries because of all the distractions – people-watching and shelves full of books. I also tried working on the beach once, but the free wifi there can’t handle my day-to-day data needs. Anyone have any other ideas?

5. Becoming a True Chicagoan

I’ve spent my first four months in my new city, learning the ins and outs of Chicago life. I’ve learned a few important things:

  1. Mac ‘n’ cheese is a staple. And this isn’t your Kraft mac ‘n’ cheese. Ryan and I have tried the “side” dish with pulled pork and bacon as well as on top of pizza. Ryan and I prefer Bub City’s and Haymarket Pub’s versions, but here’s a good list to start your own Chicago-style mac ‘n’ cheese exploration.
  2. There is a festival every single weekend. If you miss one, it’s not the end of the world. There will be another one next weekend.
  3. Brunch is no joke.
  4.  Neither is finding a parking spot within five blocks of your apartment.
  5. Never ever ever pack coats away. You’ll need them. Even in July.
  6. Don’t bother buying a bike (too late for me!). Divvy is everything you need.
  7. BYOB restaurants exist, serve great food and save you mountains of cash.
  8. To get a Chicago driver’s license, you must retake the written driver’s test. I don’t even remember how to study for tests anymore. And there are a lot of road signs I’m supposed to have memorized.

Other random thoughts for those of you who love my rambling:

True Detective Season 2 is weirdly uninteresting. Why is it raining so much this summer? I need to find a good winter coat. There’s going to be a Sharknado 3, and I just don’t understand. It’s normal to cry during Star Wars Comic-Con reveals, right?

Much love to those of you who have asked me to start blogging again! You 15 readers are super faithful fans. I’m still going to send you all Snaps with oddball captions though. Cheers!

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