Nerd News: NASA’s Birthday, Self-Building Robots and More

I’ve been reading more financial and government news this week, considering the shutdown, but I’ve still learned some really interesting science-related things. Here are my favorite stories of the week:

1. The robot revolution is here. MIT has developed robots that can put themselves together and strategically connect.

2. Sometimes, people just can’t resist leaving their mark. Apparently, even Astronauts leave little messages all over the International Space Station.

3. I love beautiful models that make learning about space simple and fun. This animated gem of the solar system is one of the best I’ve seen. It’s long, but it’s worth checking out:

4. NASA celebrated its 55th birthday this week. The organization didn’t get the party it deserved due to the government shutdown, but NASA did post a checklist of all of the amazing things it’s accomplished and all of its future plans for planetary exploration.

5. Ender’s Game is less than a month away! I’m definitely seeing this movie at midnight. Check out the latest clip:

Doesn’t Ender’s Game look great? I hope you enjoyed the links above. Have a great weekend!

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