Nerd News: Raining Rings, Neanderthal DNA and more

This week was packed with lots of interesting science news! This list of my favorites goes above my usual top five links, because, well, I couldn’t pick my top five. So, here’s my top seven:

1. CERN advises United Nations on how to get more women interested in STEM careers. These recommendations include providing mentors, equitable parental leaves and more. I’m always 100 percent behind all and any endeavors to get more women into science and math, and I’m glad the UN is getting involved!

2. Cara Santa Maria explains how National Geographic’s Genographic Project maps human migration by studying markers in our DNA. Spoiler alert: You could have Neanderthal DNA!

P.S. When I grow up, I want to be Cara Santa Maria.

3. Our home planet is beautiful, wonderful and fragile. Don’t understand my love and admiration for Earth? Check out this video of amazing views from the International Space Station and other satellites that NASA posted in celebration of Earth Month. If this doesn’t make you feel awe, I don’t know what will.

5. Whoa. Mind blown.

6. There’s a lot of water in Saturn’s atmosphere, and until recently, no one really knew where it came from. Get this: it’s rain from Saturn’s rings. I can’t even truly process that information yet. That’s how cool it is.

7. Okay, here’s my political plug for the week. Obama finally released the 2014 budget. Planetary Science is losing money. Again. I don’t think people realize how much outreach and education this organization does. Without inspiring young generations, our space program will move backwards. The youth will fail to pursue STEM careers. The public will understand less about NASA’s contributions to our everyday lives.

Take one minute to contact your state representatives. It’s an easy form, and your help will make a big difference in the future of Planetary Science. Please, and thank you!

Did I miss any good ones? Let me know in a comment below.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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