13.1 Miles Destroyed

Feeling like a warrior. Looking gross. Best husband ever.

Feeling like a warrior. Looking gross. Best husband ever.

Today, I shredded my half-marathon personal record. By 25 minutes.

After 12 weeks of intense training, I am incredibly proud of my finish time. My goal was to finish under 2:00 (9-minute miles). I crossed the finish line at 1:47:23 (average 8:11 pace).

Was I the fastest? Absolutely not. Was I way faster than I thought I could ever be? Absolutely. During training, I had never completed a long run under a pace of 8:30. The fact that I held an sub-8:00 mile average before Holy Hill convinces me that endurance and performance is mind over matter. I told myself I could, so I did. Period.

PRing over this is going to be nearly impossible, but I’m convinced that one day, I will do it.

I can barely walk. Tomorrow will be worse, and Tuesday will probably be awful. I don’t care. It’s totally worth it. For all of you on the fence about training to run a race, I hope you push yourself to try one. You’re only competing with yourself, and the process teaches you a lot about yourself and what you’re capable of accomplishing.

Next on the list is an obstacle-course run. I’m thinking about a Tough Mudder. Have any of you ever run that?

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