Nerd News: Parallel Universes, Dark Matter, Star Wars and more

It’s been kind of a crazy week for me at work. I’ve been working overtime each night, so the only time I’ve had to read through my Science and Tech section of Feedly has been late at night. At that point, I’m so drained that I can barely understand what I’m reading. Womp. Womp.

Okay, that’s enough. There’s some exciting news, and I’m happy to share my favorites with you:

1. A REALLY expensive experiment may have confirmed the existence of dark matter. It’s about time. Dark matter only makes up 80 percent of the universe, so I’m glad we’re on the right track to, you know, figure out what it is.
UPDATE: Brian Koberlein, astrophysicist and physics professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, argues this data doesn’t necessarily indicate dark matter. So much debate in science. I love it!

2. Parallel Universes – Minute Physics
Because without them how would Peter and Olivia have met?
In all seriousness, I became obsessed with parallel universes when I was 10 or 11. I’m in the Bubble Theory camp. I just hope that the other versions of me are astronauts or Lara Croft or something like that.

3. Our universe is huge. Just the size of our small solar system blows my mind! I can’t even wrap my head around how big our galaxy is, let alone the universe. This next link may help you visualize it. -> If Earth were 100 pixels wide, it would take forever to scroll to Mars. I ate a whole sandwich in the time it took.

4. Are we on the verge of light speed? Traveling at the speed of light has always been thought to be impossible – it doesn’t jive with Einstein’s theory of general relativity. However, if we had a warp drive…

Sounds like science fiction, right? Nope. Scientists are currently exploring the possibility of building one. Whoa. Just…whoa.

5. Not exactly an educational video, but it’s Star Wars related. And it’s Kid Snippets. Kids commentate a scene from Empire Strikes Back (the best Star Wars movie) from memory, and adults act it out. Hilarity ensues. Have fun!

What’s your favorite from my list? Did I miss anything? Let me know in a comment below!

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