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Romney AmerciaIf you haven’t heard, Mitt Romney launched a new smartphone app last night. With it, you can dress up photos with banners that say “I’m With Mitt” and other similar sayings. These photos then can be shared across social networks with a message that reads, “I’m with Mitt Romney in 2012. And here’s a photo showing my support. Check it out!”

It’s actually a brilliant idea to keep his followers and supporters engaged in his campaign….if his mobile/social team knew how to spell.

One of those banners reads, “A Better Amercia.” Yes, “Amercia.” Whoops. At least one copywriter is getting fired over that.

Instead of the app gaining momentum for the Romney 2012 campaign, it’s become a social meme of ridicule. Hundreds of jokes, including my personal favorite, “Barack Obama wasn’t born in Amercia,” have exploded across social networks online. Ultimately, the app is a failure, which is sad, because it had so much potential. Darn spell check.

What’s the message here? Proofread your work. Then send it to your colleagues for them to proofread. Then send it to your mom. Then back to your colleagues. Everyone makes spelling mistakes, but “Amercia” never should’ve gone live. At least one person should have caught that.

What do you think? What’s your favorite spelling or grammar mistake in an advertisement or social campaign?

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