Want Cheap Organic Veggies?

Go green and start a home garden.

Planting a garden and growing your own vegetables is a great way to go green and provide healthy food for your friends and family.  Because dangerous chemicals are eliminated from the growing process, these organic fruits and vegetables are not only safer for you and others who enjoy them but also for the environment.

As late in the winter as it is, it may not be time to start planting seeds directly into the ground, but many plants must start their growth indoors before they are transferred into the garden.

planter-tomatoes for home gardenThese plants include broccoli, celery, cauliflower, lettuce, cucumbers and many others.  The seeds for these foods should be grown in separate pots and given adequate sunlight and water.  There should also be enough vertical room for the fruits and vegetables to grow.  To keep them growing straight, tie them to stakes.

Not all plants should be planted into the ground at the same time either. Some plants need earlier planting times than others.

For more information on the best dates to start the plants indoors and later outside, visit the Old Farmer’s Alamanac website to see the best St. Louis planting times.

For more help with the entire home garden project, check out this guide from Iowa State University on planting a home vegetable garden.

Originally published for the St. Louis Going Green Examiner Blog

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